Calendar 2016

Schedule of Major Church Events (2016)
Dates Events
10 & 17 January, Lord’s Day Nominations for Election of Session Members
17 January, Lord’s Day Notice of Annual Congregational Meeting & Election
31 January, Lord’s Day Annual Congregational Meeting & Election
13 March, Lord’s Day Church Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, 10.30am
25 March, Friday Good Friday Service, 8pm
27 March, Lord’s Day Easter Early Service, 9am
6-8 June, Monday to Wednesday VBS cum YPF Retreat
9 June, Thursday VBS for GAPPI Reformed, Batam
6 July, Wednesday Church Outing
30 October, Lord’s Day Reformation Sunday Video Show
27 November, Lord’s Day Church Camp Briefing
3 December, Saturday Children’s Christmas Gospel Meeting, 3-6pm
5-9 December, Monday to Friday Annual Church Camp
17 December, Saturday Church Clean-up Day, 11am
23 December, Friday Carolling, 8pm
24 December, Saturday Christmas Eve Service, 8pm
31 December, Saturday Watchnight Service, 8pm


Schedule of Meetings (2016) for
YPF, AF, HF, Evangelism, Combined BS, GAPPI Reformed Lord’s Day Visit
1st Friday 2nd Friday
New Year’s Day 8 Jan, Fri
CNY season CNY season
4 Mar, Fri 11 Mar, Fri
1 Apr, Fri 8 Apr, Fri
13 May, Fri (2nd) 6 May, Fri (1st)
No meeting (Evangelism on Sat, 4 Jun, for VBS) No meeting (YPF Retreat)
1 Jul, Fri 8 Jul, Fri
5 Aug, Fri 12 Aug, Fri
2 Sep, Fri 9 Sep, Fri
7 Oct, Fri 14 Oct, Fri
No meeting (Kemaman) No meeting (FEBC Thanksgiving)
No meeting (Children’s Christmas Gospel Meeting on Sat, 3 Dec) No meeting (Church Camp)


HF Evangelism
1st Sat or 3rd Sat
16 Jan, 3rd Sat
20 Feb, 3rd Sat
19 Mar, 3rd Sat
16 Apr, 3rd Sat
No meeting (Vesak Day)
 18 Jun, 3rd Sat
16 Jul, 3rd Sat
20 Aug, 3rd Sat
17 Sep, 3rd Sat
1 Oct, 1st Sat
19 Nov, 3rd Sat
No meeting (Church Cleaning Up Day)


Combined BS GAPPI Reform Lord’s Day visit
4th Sat 3rd Lord’s Day
23 Jan 17 Jan
27 Feb 21 Feb
26 Mar 20 Mar
23 Apr 17 Apr
28 May 15 May
No meeting (CYC) 19 Jun
No meeting (Wedding) 17 Jul
27 Aug 21 Aug
24 Sep 18 Sep
22 Oct 16 Oct
26 Nov 20 Nov
No meeting (Christmas Carolling) 18 Dec