PA System

This is for the setup at the Sindo premises. Click on the images to show the enlarged versions.

Setup for Worship Service

  1. Switch on the Wharfedale Titan 12D 400W speaker on the right.

    • Turn on the switch at the power socket below the speaker.
    • There should be a blue light at the front of the speaker inside the hole near its top.
    • If there is no light, check that the power switch at the back of the speaker is turned on.
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  2. Switch on the Thump 212 1400W speaker on the left.

    • Turn on the switch at the power socket below the speaker.
    • There should be a green light at the front of the speaker near its top.
    • If is no light, check that the power switch at the back of the speaker is turned on.
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  3. Switch on the Roland HP504 digital piano.

    • Turn on the switch at the power strip.
    • Slide open the cover of the piano and turn its switch on.
    • Adjust the volume to 20.
    • Press the Song button, use the +/- buttons to select Song 006.
    • Press the Play button, followed by the Repeat button.
    • This is for testing the audio output to the PA system without human aid.
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  4. Move to PA system console.

    • On the right side of the console, turn on the switches for:

      • the ceiling lights for the front half of the sanctuary
      • the Cry Room ceiling TV
      • the 2 spotlights (set at one-quarter brightness)
    • On the left side of the console, turn on the switches at the power sockets labelled Mixer and Extension.
    • Turn on the power switch at the back of the Behringer Eurorack UB1204-Pro mixer. A blue light should turn on. If a red light turns on, it means the mic gain switch was accidentally turned on.
    • Flip open the LCD touch panel of the Sony FDR-AX700 Camcorder to turn it on.
    • Test both microphones at the pulpit.
    • At this juncture, this should suffice for the Chinese worship service. However, the service will not be broadcast to the Cry Room.
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  5. Broadcast service from sanctuary to Cry Room.

    • Ensure that the blue light is on for the AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus video capture card. If the light is not blue, ensure the mode button at the bottom right in front is switched to the left (PC mode). This device is to send the video output from the camcorder to the OBS application on the laptop.
    • Flip open the Lenovo L390 laptop at the console and turn it on using its power button along its right side. The Logitech Pebble Bluetooth mouse can be turned on using its power button underneath.
    • Login and open the OBS application from the Start Menu.
    • You should see the camcorder feed in OBS. If not, ensure the the “Video 16:9” scene is selected.
    • Right-click on the preview, select “Fullscreen Projector (Preview)” and choose “4K Extender 1920×1080” as the output. The preview should now show on the small monitor on the left of the laptop.
    • Check that the Mic/Aux source in OBS is set to the Sound Blaster Play! 3 sound card under Properties.
    • Listen with the wired earphones connected to the small monitor to ensure that the audio output from the piano is coming through. If you do not hear any sound or hear double sounds, select Advanced Properties for the Mic/Aux source in OBS, select “Monitor Off”, wait for 3 seconds, then select “Monitor and Output”.
    • Go to the Cry Room to ensure that the OBS feed is broadcast to the ceiling TV there. If the TV screen is blank with a red light, use the remote on the table beside it to turn it on. If there is no red light at all, go back to the PA system console where its power switch is located and turn it on.
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  6. Record and upload sermon.

    • This is usually done for the English worship service only.
    • When the sermon starts, click the “Start Recording” button in the OBS application.
    • Click the “Stop Recording” button after the prayer at the end of the sermon.
    • The sermon will be saved as an MP4 file under This PC > Videos.
      Replace the number at the end of the file with the word “English”. The final filename
      should look like 2023-10-22-BereanSermon-English.mp4.
    • Upload the sermon to the shared Google Drive under the English folder. Delete the earliest sermon so that there is only at most 4 sermons, including the one being uploaded.
      Each sermon is usually about 1 GB in file size.
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  7. Shutdown everything in reverse order after the end of the service.


Setup for Video Screening

  1. Showing of DVD or video from laptop to projector with output to speakers and Cry Room.

    • This section assumes the video screening is after the worship service and OBS is already setup.
    • Unplug the Sound Blaster USB sound card from the laptop first, else the feedback later will damage the laptop.
    • Connect the audio output port of the HDMI switch to channel 5/6 on the PA system.
    • Turn on the projector using the remote control in the rightmost drawer and set the source to Computer as the laptop is connected to the VGA input of the projector.
    • Open the VLC media player from the Start Menu and open the DVD folder or video. Move the VLC media player to the projector screen.
    • Select the “Screen 4:3 Only” scene in OBS. The preview should show what is being projected on the projector screen.
    • Play the video and ensure that the sound is output to the sanctuary speakers. Check the Cry Room to ensure that the video is broadcast there as well.
    • At the end of the video screening, after the laptop is shutdown, remember to disconnect the audio output of the HDMI switch from the PA system, and plug back the Sound Blaster USB sound card into the laptop, else there will be issues with OBS and the PA system in the following worship service.
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